Rochelle Garza is a fronteriza and lifelong fighter for the border communities of the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas.

To the voters of South Texas,

I’m Rochelle Garza, a native of Brownsville, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. The border is my home, and no matter what anyone says, we know we’re not about building walls or pitting people against each other – but about community, looking out for each other, and working together to give everyone a chance at a better life. 


Our community is beautiful, welcoming and resource-rich. We deserve more than being a talking point for divisive politics. We have been taken for granted for years, but our voices deserve to be heard and our needs deserve to be met. Progress for us means making sure the economic recovery reaches every corner of our country – and that means the towns and communities, right here. That healthcare is a right – not a privilege – for everyone. And it shouldn’t matter who you are or where you live – we’ve got to invest in public schools, vocational training, and affordable college – here and now. Because everyone deserves a fair shot to get ahead.


And this fight for the people of our district starts right here, right now with this campaign. I’m running for Congress because I’m tired of Washington politicians tearing our community apart. I’m ready to work hard for all of us — and I hope you’ll join me in our fight. 


Porque juntos — somos fuertes. Somos unidos. 


Join us!